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Faith World Ministries International Assemblies evolved through a need for clergy and congregants alike to fellowship, be nutured, and be covered, without having to exclusively be joined to any particular group. 

It is the vision of our founder to provide a safe environment for pastors, clerics, leaders, as well as lay leaders to experience fellowship, sharpen skills, and facilitate mission work. Faith World Ministries International Assemblies is that safe environment.


Established in 2014, FWMIA is an uninhibiting fellowship that has ecclesiastical order, yet uniquely maintains a free, contemporary, spirit-filled nature. Simply stated, FWMIA is a legacy passed down by the late Spiritual General "Bishop Barnett K. Thoroughgood"; in that he always sought ways to bring ministry leaders and workers together for their spiritual and fundamental growth.


In the spirit of his late leader, along with God given wisdom and the leadership training garnered from countless men and women around the country, Bishop Williams offers hope and help to leaders.  


We work in unison to foster a forum that will edify pastors, and we welcome those that are willing to come together to exchange concepts, ideas, as well as spiritual failures and victories.



Please continue to examine the website and discover additional reasons why you should pray about becoming a member. 

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